What’s the goal?


During our discussion last night, we agreed to set a goal for ourselves to be accomplished by the next time that we meet on October 16th.  The goal can be anything that feels like a step forward in your journey toward being happier in your own body.  Post your goal as a comment.


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  1. I know that I’ve felt better when I am eating Dr. Ian’s Fat Smash Diet, but I have a hard time maintaining it over time. My goal is to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that I’m eating daily. Whenever I eat, I’m going to include at least a fruit or a vegetable. I’m also going to explore why I’m so resistant to just following Fat Smash as a consistent eating plan.

  2. Great Blog – we are always so critical of ourselves so I think it is an excellent path you ladies are on! You have motivated me to set a goal as well – I really never know what to cook/make – I need to experiment with some new recipes and ideas instead of the same old same old. I know for me if i have something prepared or know what i am making I will not eat as much!

    • Thanks for your feedback Nina! It’s true that having foods already prepared does make it easier to stick to healthy eating. We’ve got to set aside time to have our cooking day, like we always talk about. Maybe we could take a shopping trip to some place fun, like the West Side Market or the Mustard Seed too.

  3. I’ve got a few goals for this month. They aren’t major, but I’d like to start with returning to good habits that I used to practice. 1) taking my vitamins every day 2) meatless Mondays (which I did yesterday) and much more focus on frutis / vegetables in general 3) primarily drink water and green tea. I feel better when I am doing these three things. I feel like I need to make these three things second nature.

  4. I am having a hard time coming up with a goal. It’s like I don’t want to commit to anything for fear of failing. I’m already assuming that I will fail. I have a hard time even writing that, because it makes my sound like a sad sack, and I hate that.

    So, I will commit to a goal of walking for 15 minutes every day. I am going to try to cut myself some slack if I don’t walk because of bad weather or any other unforeseen situation. Last fall, I began walking every morning and I really enjoyed it, but when the weather became too snowy and cold, I stopped.

    • I totally understand not wanting to commit to a goal! This is hard stuff! You don’t sound like a sad sack to me. If this was easy, we wouldn’t need to set goals because we’d be doing it already.

      Your walking goal (with flexibility) is a good start. I still need to get out there and walk today. I’ve been slackin’ just a little too much this morning (oh, it’s afternoon).

      Be kind to yourself. Just by showing up, you’re moving forward.

  5. I’ve been working on this goal for awhile. It’s kind of a non-goal. I’m trying to notice what I do RIGHT each day. I’m conditioned to focus on my failures so it’s hard to let in this positive self talk. My usual way of framing my day goes something like this– 1) I didn’t exercise today. 2) I didn’t drink much water. 3) I didn’t skip the second roll at dinner. The new way I want to frame my day sounds more like this — 1) I parked far away from the restaurant so I’d have to walk an extra five minutes to and from my car. 2) I drank two small glasses of water today. 3) I ordered vegetables for my side dish at dinner instead of pasta or rice. With practice I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to stop the blaming and shaming self-talk that makes me want to give up all together.

    • Notice what you are doing right instead of blaming and shaming yourself – I really like this goal!I also can get into this kind of negative self-talk. No matter how many positive things I might be doing, I beat myself up for what I’m not doing. Thanks for sharing this one, Claire!

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