Walking . . . . why do I resist?


It’s been my goal to walk most days during the week.  When I think of what I mean by “most”, the number would be 5-6 days, with 4 being the minimum acceptable.  I was busy toward the end of last week and over the weekend, then yesterday it rained.  So a few days have gone by since I took a good walk.

Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and the air cool.  But I resisted walking.  I didn’t do it this morning, and told myself I’d go after lunch.  Then the afternoon just drifted by.  After dinner, I was feeling very conflicted.  I truly did not want to walk.  I bargained with myself that I could walk on my treadmill and play Words with Friends on my iPad.  Well, I found it difficult to type on the keyboard and walk at the same time.  I guess I’m not too coordinated that way. 

So at just after 7:00 p.m. whenI bit the bullet and put on my outside shoes to go for a walk.  It really did feel good to be outside.  After about a third of a mile, my body felt really good too.  It feels good to move.  I walked about two miles and it took about 35 minutes.  I feel energized and glad that I pushed myself out the door.

So why do I resist?  I know that walking or any kind of exercise is good for me, and I do enjoy it once I get started.  But sometimes I just really don’t want to.  So I find all kinds of  ways to procrastinate, convincing myself that I can do it later.

I do much better when I’m in a routine.  The few busy days were enough to just break me out of a new routine that hadn’t become a firm habit yet.  So I think it was easier for my resistance to take hold.  The more time that goes by, the easier it is to forget how really good it feels to get my body moving.  It’s Newton’s Law of Motion:  “Objects in motion tend to remain in motion.”  So that means when objects aren’t in motion, they might remain that way unless pushed.  I really needed to push myself today.

So, I’m thinking that until I get into a firm habit, I need to get out and walk daily.  If I do miss walking  for some reason, then I really need to make sure that I walk the following day. I need to avoid making any morning appointments and get my walk in before noon.  I can still have a nice leisurely morning with an extra cup of coffee and internet surfing.  But it will save me the temptation to procrastinate if I get it done before lunch. 

Laura in motion stays in motion, and I can’t let my negative e-motion-al resistance get in my way.


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  1. I agree with getting a walk in before noon. Somehow, it’s easier to do it in the morning, before all the other “stuff” of the day begins.

    I drove out to Patterson’s fruit farm this morning and took a 15 walk on the trail behind it. It was a beautiful fall morning. I didn’t listen to my MP3 player. I just focused on being present. It was calming.

    I also bought some apples and some doughnuts. I am not going to feel guilty about the doughnuts. They make them from scratch and they are fresh.

    Sandy K

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