Workout Room Makeover

Workout Room Makeover

Standing near door looking to back of the room

 I actually do have an underutilized home gym in my basement, complete with a True treadmill and a Pre-Cor Elliptical, just like at the Y.  I also have an exercise bike, weight bench, hand weights, leg weights, a step, multiple video tapes, among other miscellaneous equipment.  At one point, I was using most of these things regularly.  But I haven’t really gotten into a consistent routine since I moved to my current home 6 years ago. 

Standing at the back of the room looking to front

While I was on the elliptical yesterday, I really noticed how unappealing the space is.   It’s a long narrow room with a glass block window at either end.  The room is poorly lit.  The equipment is clustered near the door in front of a small TV.  It’s okay, but not a place that I’d want to spend time in. 


So, my plan is to get started with a room makeover!  Here’s the plan:


  1. Paint the walls a pleasant, cheerful yellow
  2. Post motivational sayings, like a border, around the top of the wall near the ceiling.
  3. Hang poster-sized photos of ocean scenes where I’ve been. 
  4. Cover the floor with those blue carpet squares (an easy DIY project, and cheaper than getting the floor carpeted professionally – but I’ll check on the price)
  5. Put up new ceiling lighting to make the room brighter.
  6. Rearrange the exercise equipment so that it’s in the back of the room, on a diagonal line to kind of break up the long and narrow feeling in the room.
  7. Reserve open space at the front of the room for stretching, weight training, and floor exercise.  Put a large mirror on the wall in this area too.
  8. 8. Get an LCD TV mounted on a swing arm, so that it can be viewed while on the exercise equipment or while in the open floor area.
  9. Get a small refrigerator for water


I’m excited to get started!  I’ll post the after pictures when I’m finished!




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  1. Whoa, Laura, you have lots of great equipment! I completely agree with your ideas to make the space appealing. Who wants to exercise in a depressing space? That’s one of the things that I enjoy about walking in nature–the beauty of my surroundings.

    This sounds like a fun retirement project.

    Sandy K

  2. My “workout” space in my basement is awful. This is a great idea and I need to consider what changes I could make to create a workout friendly environment. And what about the BEAUTIFUL gym I belong to (seriously it’s gorgeous) ? The beauty of that gym needs to be one of my motivators to get my butt in that gym.

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