I just visted the Oprah’s Lifeclass website and watched some video clips from Lesson One:  The False Power of Ego.  I really wish I would have seen the whole episode because the video clips truly spoke to me

It’s my ego that is driving my shame about my body and my desire to lose weight.  It’s my ego telling me that I can only be a worthy person in a smaller body.

In one of the clips, Oprah talks about how the ego-self instills fear and keeps us from our true self.  It struck me when Oprah said that operating out of ego means operating out of fear.  I remember that when I had dieted and lost weight before, I was very much in fear:  fear of carbohydrates, fear of being fat, fear of disapproval, fear of  not having love in my life.  My motivation to exercise and follow a very strict diet was all about fear. 

I don’t want to go back to that place of fear.  That is my real progress.  Working from a place of fear isn’t productive.   I agree that my ego and fear keep me from being in alignment with my true self.

I need to work on disengaging from my ego’s conviction that I’m lovable and worthy only in a smaller body. 

When I’m free from fear, I can move forward in peace and love.


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