Breaking Barriers


I think I am turning a corner. Feel like I’ve had several “a-ha moments” the past few days. I think the applied reflection of what matters and who I am is starting to sink in. And what I am  is “enough”

 I’m consciously eating healthier, getting a little walking in each day, focusing on some house improvements, making plans with friends again. Maybe my thyroid meds are kicking in and I’m less of a zombie. Who knows – but I am just feeling better about everything as of late. And the fact that I am NOTICING it is what is different.

So I’m breaking some barriers in my own mind. And I was inspired yet again to see this barrier being broken – a female football player at Trinity H.S. won homecoming queen along with her teammate winning homecoming king.  This girl is obviously a leader who had the confidence to try out, make the team and play all four years at her high school. If she can follow her passion despite the odds and be recognized, then why can’t we as adults? You go girl!


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  1. Good for you! It sounds like you much more concious about really taking care of yourself. The focus is on you and you’re feeling better. It’s so easy for me to get off focus. Your post reminded me of the benefits of keeping my focus on what matters.

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