Awesome after Aerobics!


I participated in my first Hi-Lo Aerobics class at the Y this morning.   I feel awesome afterwards – body, mind, and spirit!

The class was large, with about 30-40 participants.  There were mostly women (only 1 man) of a variety of ages.  I saw women like me:  some middle-aged, some not so fit, some overweight.  I like the wide range, from a young mother with her baby in a carrier to senior citizens.   Everyone was friendly and a few spoke to me before and after class with welcoming words of encouragement.

I knew the first class would be difficult.  Some steps were familiar.  Thank goodness I still remember the grapevine!  But most of the steps were new and it was difficult to keep up.  But I kept moving and broke a sweat.  I couldn’t focus on anyone else but the instructor, but I sensed there were other beginners like me as well as some that were effortlessly able to follow the steps.  All of us were pushed aerobically.  It’s going to be difficult for at least a couple of weeks until the steps become more familiar and my body adjusts.  I know that I’ll be able to grow to better fitness here.  My body feels good after moving as my mind engaged with learning the new steps.

I realized that being with other people makes exercise more enjoyable for me.  This morning’s aerobics class was also a social event.  Working out with other people was much better than being alone moving on my elliptical while watching TV.  Although I didn’t know anyone else in the class, we shared smiles as we pushed ourselves forward to follow the steps and just keep going.  It was tough, somehow it seemed easier to keep going with the group.  My mood and spirits were definitely lifted after the class.

I’d forgotten the benefits of aerobic exercise with a group.  Long ago (15+ years?), I used to take aerobics and step classes early in the morning before school.  It got me into a routine of working out at the start of the day.  Gradually, I switched to working out on machines like the EFX elliptical and running on the treadmill.  Then I hit a slump of not having the energy to get to the gym before school.  When I moved six and a half years ago,  I bought an elliptical and moved my treadmill into my new basement home gym.  But I confess that although I’ve had some spurts of daily exercise, I haven’t been able to maintain a consistent routine.   Being committed to a class will enable me to build consistency.  I already know that I’ll be missed if I don’t show up next time.  The structure of a specific class and the social component of being with others will help me get the routine of exercise established. 

I had fun.  I remembered that I do like to move.  I like how my body feels when I push myself aerobically and work up a sweat.  I felt so very good after class. 

I’m looking forward to the next class on Wednesday!


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