For 2012 . . .


I give up wishing for someone else’s body. 

I give up not appreciating and loving the body that I have.

I give up starving myself and abusing my body. 

I give up attempts to have a perfect body.

I will love and treasure the body that I have. 

 I will feed my body healthy food that tastes good and satisfies me. 

I will exercise my body regularly and appreciate how great I feel when I move.

  • I will be patient with myself and recognize that change is a process.  I will give myself the time that I need to make my body healthy and well.  I recognize that patience does not mean procrastination.

  • I will put myself first.  Taking care of my body is my top priority.  I will take time to shop for food.  I will prepare delicious food that is healthy for me.  I will make time to exercise routinely and engage in fun physical activities.


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