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Levi Strauss – American Icon or Another Media Insult?


The Levi Strauss Company has been making jeans since the 1870s. As a longstanding American icon, you think they would have clued in to their customer by now. I was looking around online because I am in the market for some new jeans (tired of what Kohl’s stocks at this point).  Well I came across this ad and corresponding pushback articles about it.

There is virtually no difference between the three model sizes depicted.  Apparently you have to wear high heels and your hair in a ponytail to fit into the jeans also ??? And it’s curious to me that diversity isn’t even represented here.

C’mon Levi Strauss, I know you make ’em in all sizes – it’s time to advertise them in all sizes.



I love Adele even more now!


I’ve been a fan of Adele ever since I first heard her songs.   Much has been said about the fact that her plus-sized body doesn’t fit the norm of today’s young pop singers.   But she seems to be very self-aware and is grounded in the belief that her value is not based on her size.  She explained her thoughts on her body image in this excerpt from an interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes that was aired just before the Grammy Awards:

The bottom line is that Adele is a very talented singer and song writer.  She is also a beautiful, plus-sized young woman.  I hope that she is helping to set a new standard for women in our society.  In my hopes and dreams, thirty years from now when Adele performs at the Super Bowl half-time show, the post-show comments will focus on her magnificent voice and great performance.  Whether she is fat or thin, fit or not, it won’t matter anymore.

Loving my Body is a Process


I was searching the internet for positive images and sayings to pin on one of my boards in Pinterest. I came across this great blog post: 20 Things People with a Positive Body Image Know  It’s really worth a click and a few minutes to read.  I wanted to post the link here so that I could come back to it often.  I know that each time I read it, it will be meaningful to me in a different way.

What struck me the most on this list today is #19:  “That having a positive body image is a process. Day by day. It might seem oh-so impossible at first but if you start small, it’ll improve.”

Loving my body is a process, especially after feeling like I had to battle my body for so many years. I’m not fighting my body any more.   My negative self-talk about my body has significantly decreased, and I catch myself when I think negative thoughts.  I’m not defining the worth of my body by a number on the scale.  I’m appreciative of the things that my body does for me.    I’m making progress. 

I’m growing into the belief stated in #20:  “That you deserve to love your body at any size, shape or weight!”

My body does deserve lots of love.  I’m giving myself as much love as I can today and I’ll continue to grow in loving my body unconditionally.

A good performance is ageless


I don’t follow football. And I have never bought a Madonna record. But I need to go on a mini-rant here because we are four days post Super Bowl, and I am still seeing so much online commentary and articles written about Madonna’s half time performance. The great majority of them comment on Madonna being 53 years old. There seems to be some disbelief that a woman this age could handle (?) or complete (?) a 12 minute concert. And then 2nd comment is usually about how good she looks.

Uh, the woman has been touring internationally for at least 30 years and has become an American icon through her multi, multi platinum records sales. Tom Petty was 57 when he did the Super Bowl halftime show and Bruce Springsteen was 59 when he did the Super Bowl half time show. Yet, their age nor their craggy looks were not repeatedly pointed out by the media.

It’s just another example of the media perpetuating the negative connotation toward aging females.

Madonna rocked it out during that performance. Someone needs to simply acknowledge the performance. So I am doing that right now!

12 Things Happy People Do Differently


Just spent lunch with 8 other individuals who work in an office (like me) of one or are self-employed.  At the beginning of the lunch, everyone goes around and introduces himself / herself, what they do and then what help they need. It was so striking to me that all of these people seemed really happy. There was  a bookbinder, a lyricist, an urban farmer, a dog trainer, and more.  Sure it’s easy to say that they seem happier because they have found their vocation or passion.

But I’d like to think that we all could be happy regardless of our professions. So it may not have been a coincidence that someone sent me this article when I got back to my office.

Take a look at these 12 habits of happy people to see that none of them have to do with what line of work we are in.

I’m going to be focusing on: Avoid over-thinking and social comparison, Develop strategies for coping, Savor life’s joys, Commit to your goals, and Take care of your body.

Week Five of Exercise!


One of my big motivators for sticking to my aerobics class was the video “23 1/2 Hours:  What is the Single Best Thing We Can Do for Our Bodies?”  Of course you can guess that the answer is exercise.   But the facts about how exercise can positively impact our overall health had a big impact on me.  Even when I get discouraged about my slow or even non-exisistent weight loss in spite of healthy eating, I understand that exercise makes a significant difference in my health no matter what the number on the scale says.  I wanted to post this video here so I can access it easily when I need to kick myself in the pants to stay moving.

This morning marked my fourteenth session of aerobics class.  I’m finally feeling comfortable with the moves.    Occasionally, I manage a few high-impact jumping jacks or hops.   I’m sweating – a lot .  My body feels so good after the workout.  I can feel myself getting stronger and more fit.  At week five, going to class feels like a good habit.  I haven’t missed a class yet.

Tomorrow will be my fifth yoga class.  I felt very awkward during my first class, and but my body felt great after the class – very similiar to how I feel after a massage.  Each week feels more comfortable and now I’m planning to add a second yoga class during the week when the next session at the Y starts.  Almost immediately, I felt progress with my flexibility and range of motion.  The moves are challenging, yet calming at the same time.  I’m hooked!

Today I came across a great website called Curvy Yoga.  There is a lot of positivity on this website for loving your body as it is through yoga.  I especially like the videos that show how to modify moves to accomodate bigger curves.

So I’ll continue to move my body.  It’s the most important thing that I do each day.  Hooray for me – I feel fabulous!