Week Five of Exercise!


One of my big motivators for sticking to my aerobics class was the video “23 1/2 Hours:  What is the Single Best Thing We Can Do for Our Bodies?”  Of course you can guess that the answer is exercise.   But the facts about how exercise can positively impact our overall health had a big impact on me.  Even when I get discouraged about my slow or even non-exisistent weight loss in spite of healthy eating, I understand that exercise makes a significant difference in my health no matter what the number on the scale says.  I wanted to post this video here so I can access it easily when I need to kick myself in the pants to stay moving.

This morning marked my fourteenth session of aerobics class.  I’m finally feeling comfortable with the moves.    Occasionally, I manage a few high-impact jumping jacks or hops.   I’m sweating – a lot .  My body feels so good after the workout.  I can feel myself getting stronger and more fit.  At week five, going to class feels like a good habit.  I haven’t missed a class yet.

Tomorrow will be my fifth yoga class.  I felt very awkward during my first class, and but my body felt great after the class – very similiar to how I feel after a massage.  Each week feels more comfortable and now I’m planning to add a second yoga class during the week when the next session at the Y starts.  Almost immediately, I felt progress with my flexibility and range of motion.  The moves are challenging, yet calming at the same time.  I’m hooked!

Today I came across a great website called Curvy Yoga.  There is a lot of positivity on this website for loving your body as it is through yoga.  I especially like the videos that show how to modify moves to accomodate bigger curves.

So I’ll continue to move my body.  It’s the most important thing that I do each day.  Hooray for me – I feel fabulous!


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  1. After maybe a 4 month hiatus I have gone back to the gym three times this week. And just this initial step has had a decidedly positve impact on my mental outlook. I literally had forgotten how good it felt to get moving.

    Some of the small steps I took to get myself back to working out (and believe me I know that 3 times does not a habit make): 1) I sorted all of my workout clothes and prepped little bundles of clothing that I can just grab and replace in my gym bag 2) I loaded my iPod with truly fun upbeat dance music that makes me forget the length of time on the treadmill or exercise bike and 3) I came across a friend who didn’t know that each of us had memberships at the same gym and now we are holding each other accountable.

    So now I’m going to add a free Zumba class on Monday nights where I know two women who go regularly and maybe some yoga sessions at my gym

    I’m not focused on any of the “numbers” (reps, pounds, distance, etc) we’ve discussed in the past. I am simply focused on SHOWING UP and ENJOYING THE WORKOUT. I’m learning that I’m not someone who can just jump into the deep end, I am a small steps into the shallow end type of person.

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