A good performance is ageless


I don’t follow football. And I have never bought a Madonna record. But I need to go on a mini-rant here because we are four days post Super Bowl, and I am still seeing so much online commentary and articles written about Madonna’s half time performance. The great majority of them comment on Madonna being 53 years old. There seems to be some disbelief that a woman this age could handle (?) or complete (?) a 12 minute concert. And then 2nd comment is usually about how good she looks.

Uh, the woman has been touring internationally for at least 30 years and has become an American icon through her multi, multi platinum records sales. Tom Petty was 57 when he did the Super Bowl halftime show and Bruce Springsteen was 59 when he did the Super Bowl half time show. Yet, their age nor their craggy looks were not repeatedly pointed out by the media.

It’s just another example of the media perpetuating the negative connotation toward aging females.

Madonna rocked it out during that performance. Someone needs to simply acknowledge the performance. So I am doing that right now!


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  1. I totally understand your point. On the other hand I can’t help feeling pleased that at fifty-something she is getting positive attention. I’ve never been a huge Madonna fan, but I’m always rooting for performers who manage to navigate their careers over several decades– folks like Tony Bennett, Robin Williams, and Oprah Winfrey.

  2. I completely agree. This is another example where a woman’s appearance overshadows her talents. It’s great that Madonna looks great and is fit. But when the post-performance comments focus on her appearance and fitness, it minimizes her true talents as a singer, songwriter, actress, director, producer, and more. I also root for perfomers who are still successful over many decades. But are they successful because of their looks or talent? I think it has to be talent, and that needs be emphasized over appearance.

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