Loving my Body is a Process


I was searching the internet for positive images and sayings to pin on one of my boards in Pinterest. I came across this great blog post: 20 Things People with a Positive Body Image Know  It’s really worth a click and a few minutes to read.  I wanted to post the link here so that I could come back to it often.  I know that each time I read it, it will be meaningful to me in a different way.

What struck me the most on this list today is #19:  “That having a positive body image is a process. Day by day. It might seem oh-so impossible at first but if you start small, it’ll improve.”

Loving my body is a process, especially after feeling like I had to battle my body for so many years. I’m not fighting my body any more.   My negative self-talk about my body has significantly decreased, and I catch myself when I think negative thoughts.  I’m not defining the worth of my body by a number on the scale.  I’m appreciative of the things that my body does for me.    I’m making progress. 

I’m growing into the belief stated in #20:  “That you deserve to love your body at any size, shape or weight!”

My body does deserve lots of love.  I’m giving myself as much love as I can today and I’ll continue to grow in loving my body unconditionally.


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