I love Adele even more now!


I’ve been a fan of Adele ever since I first heard her songs.   Much has been said about the fact that her plus-sized body doesn’t fit the norm of today’s young pop singers.   But she seems to be very self-aware and is grounded in the belief that her value is not based on her size.  She explained her thoughts on her body image in this excerpt from an interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes that was aired just before the Grammy Awards:

The bottom line is that Adele is a very talented singer and song writer.  She is also a beautiful, plus-sized young woman.  I hope that she is helping to set a new standard for women in our society.  In my hopes and dreams, thirty years from now when Adele performs at the Super Bowl half-time show, the post-show comments will focus on her magnificent voice and great performance.  Whether she is fat or thin, fit or not, it won’t matter anymore.


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  1. I think people focus on her voice and the fact that she doesn’t look like other typical popular music stars (Rihanna, Ke$ha, Britney, etc). But the songwriting itself is genius! I hope she inspires other talented songwriters who think they are relegated to the background to come forward and sing their own material!

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