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Is Living in a Crazy Food Prison Worth It?


Do I dare whisper “no?”

I just came across this article that was posted on another blog.

I’m Finally Thin — But Is Living In A Crazymaking Food Prison Really Worth It?

I quickly skimmed though it and found it thought-provoking.  I want to come back to the article later to dig into it more deeply.  I decided to park the link here, just in case anyone else is interested.


Levi Strauss – American Icon or Another Media Insult?


The Levi Strauss Company has been making jeans since the 1870s. As a longstanding American icon, you think they would have clued in to their customer by now. I was looking around online because I am in the market for some new jeans (tired of what Kohl’s stocks at this point).  Well I came across this ad and corresponding pushback articles about it.

There is virtually no difference between the three model sizes depicted.  Apparently you have to wear high heels and your hair in a ponytail to fit into the jeans also ??? And it’s curious to me that diversity isn’t even represented here.

C’mon Levi Strauss, I know you make ’em in all sizes – it’s time to advertise them in all sizes.


A good performance is ageless


I don’t follow football. And I have never bought a Madonna record. But I need to go on a mini-rant here because we are four days post Super Bowl, and I am still seeing so much online commentary and articles written about Madonna’s half time performance. The great majority of them comment on Madonna being 53 years old. There seems to be some disbelief that a woman this age could handle (?) or complete (?) a 12 minute concert. And then 2nd comment is usually about how good she looks.

Uh, the woman has been touring internationally for at least 30 years and has become an American icon through her multi, multi platinum records sales. Tom Petty was 57 when he did the Super Bowl halftime show and Bruce Springsteen was 59 when he did the Super Bowl half time show. Yet, their age nor their craggy looks were not repeatedly pointed out by the media.

It’s just another example of the media perpetuating the negative connotation toward aging females.

Madonna rocked it out during that performance. Someone needs to simply acknowledge the performance. So I am doing that right now!

12 Things Happy People Do Differently


Just spent lunch with 8 other individuals who work in an office (like me) of one or are self-employed.  At the beginning of the lunch, everyone goes around and introduces himself / herself, what they do and then what help they need. It was so striking to me that all of these people seemed really happy. There was  a bookbinder, a lyricist, an urban farmer, a dog trainer, and more.  Sure it’s easy to say that they seem happier because they have found their vocation or passion.

But I’d like to think that we all could be happy regardless of our professions. So it may not have been a coincidence that someone sent me this article when I got back to my office.

Take a look at these 12 habits of happy people to see that none of them have to do with what line of work we are in.

I’m going to be focusing on: Avoid over-thinking and social comparison, Develop strategies for coping, Savor life’s joys, Commit to your goals, and Take care of your body.

Four Weeks Until Christmas


Today marks four weeks until Christmas. And my diet this long Thanksgiving weekend has already gone overboard (lots of gravy, pumpkin roll, cheese & crackers, etc).  I’m trying not to beat myself up about it, but the scale once again reflected my all time high weight this morning. You know – the weight I said that I never would be at again !!!!!

I’ve put on on 19 pounds since August. Ugh.

So while there are several holiday parties on the calendar for these next few weeks, I am going to do my absolute best to eat healthfully when I am NOT at parties and return to the gym as much as possible. I don’t want to ring in the new year feeling this way, which is lethargic and blase about how to tackle the physical improvements.

I wrote in a journal this morning what my daily plan is going to be and I’ve got a calendar to cross off each day. This plan includes non diet & exercise things to take care of myself too (taking vitamins, going to bed at a set time, not stressing about the holidays, etc). Recomitting to being more cognizant of health and wellness in the coming month.

I deserve it. We all deserve it.


10 Worst Stereotypes About Powerful Women


So Forbes surveyed women in high ranking, powerful positions as to what their least favorite stereotype about powerful women is?

Here’s the list.

1. Ice Queen
2. Single and Lonely
3. Tough
4. Weak
5. Masculine
6. Conniving
7. Emotional
8. Angry
9.  A Token
10. A Cheerleader

The tough part about reading this list is that the only terms that I think male leaders that might appear would be “tough” or “masculine”.  I’ve always said about myself that “I can get the job done and I don’t have to act like a man or woman to do it”.

But I usually think that stereotypes exist for a reason, so it leads me to the questions: does it make people somehow feel better putting these labels on female leaders? are others looking for any possible way to discredit female leaders? why do these stereotypes persist? how can we change the perception and converstaion about female leaders? are women judging female leaders as strongly as men? do some female leaders feel pressured into acting and appearing a certain way in order to lead?

Stereotypes often undermine the ability to have an open mind about someone’s uniqueness. We all have an IQ, a sense of humor, abilities, passions, fabulousness, etc. And I think this article was just a reminder for me to continue to keep an open mind about each women’s reasons for acting and appearing a certain way while balancing that she (and we) are all individuals.


Breaking Barriers


I think I am turning a corner. Feel like I’ve had several “a-ha moments” the past few days. I think the applied reflection of what matters and who I am is starting to sink in. And what I am  is “enough”

 I’m consciously eating healthier, getting a little walking in each day, focusing on some house improvements, making plans with friends again. Maybe my thyroid meds are kicking in and I’m less of a zombie. Who knows – but I am just feeling better about everything as of late. And the fact that I am NOTICING it is what is different.

So I’m breaking some barriers in my own mind. And I was inspired yet again to see this barrier being broken – a female football player at Trinity H.S. won homecoming queen along with her teammate winning homecoming king.  This girl is obviously a leader who had the confidence to try out, make the team and play all four years at her high school. If she can follow her passion despite the odds and be recognized, then why can’t we as adults? You go girl!